My Online Kirppis, your Online flea market

My Online Kirppis, your Online flea market is the site where you can dig in and find clothes that might interest you.  As the name suggest, you are in a flea market at the comfort of your home.

We have clothes for young boys, young girls, ladies and men. We also have accessories for hair and skin care products. So feel free to dig in!

Clothes are in categories of gender, size, and type of garment. And tagged by color, brand, gender, and size to easily find the clothes that you are looking for.

We price items in a reasonable price. Compare our prices in any other online store selling second hand items. If you have any particular clothes that you cannot find on the listing, or you have any question send us a message by contacting us via this page or go to our Facebook and send us a message.


Follow us on Facebook  to get the latest posting on this website, and the latest posts in And get updates on what items are being sold in our stall in Valinta Kirppis, if you live in Joensuu.



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